Higher education in Slovenia

            Higher education abroad today is highly valued because it provides an opportunity not only to get a good and prestigious diploma, but also to engage in terms of quality programs and courses, opening up opportunities and getting in-depth knowledge in the chosen specialty. As a rule, the most popular among the applicants are countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, etc. But not all applicants can go to the best universities in the world and to pay for tuition and living expenses in the country. In addition, many choose to study not only in accordance with the availability of the educational institutions, but simply due to personal preferences.

It is becoming more popular Slovenia – one of the most beautiful countries, capable of hitting its culture and nature. There are two universities – University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor. Ljubljana college was founded in 1919, is given to the students to choose from 27 faculties, two-year vocational schools and academies.

University of Maribor has much less long history since it was founded in 2000. Here, students have the opportunity to study in these faculties: chemical, medical, construction, legal, business and economics, educational, agricultural, forensic, physical. There is also a higher medical school. The main advantage of choosing this university is that it is actively cooperating with foreign universities in Hungary, France, Germany, Albania, Russia.

Levels of education in universities only two – academic and professional oriented program. The first training program involves training students for future work in the field of academic research. The second program is designed to train professionals with an emphasis on practice. That is why it is desirable to immediately decide what activities to attract students and to prepare for admission to the desired program, the exams in their native country, as their results are listed in the Slovenian universities. Determine the correct order, then not turned out that the study of practical skills for their future profession was irrelevant, while the needed quality preparation for the exam on computer science.

All training is organized on two main levels. The first is to receive a diploma of the first category, the second – a specialist diploma or second degree or doctorate. Each professionally oriented program on average lasts about three to four years and ends with the delivery of final examinations, diploma defense. The duration of the academic program of four to six years.

All graduates with diplomas of the first degree, are entitled to attend further training programs for professionals. This training lasts 2 years, ending master’s thesis. After receiving a diploma of candidate of sciences, each specialist has the right to obtain a doctorate.


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