Do you have the correct mindset to run a successful business?  To run a successful business you have to be a great strategist.  A great strategist has to be quick to come up with a strategy to every problem they face.  A good strategist welcomes change and new ideas.   A good strategist reacts to problems positively and looks at them as a learning experience, instead of doubtful and negatively. You.
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Wholesaling & Rehabbing defined, in a nut shell.


So I know a lot of you, like myself, when I first started brand new to the real estate industry you get kind of lost with all the real estate lingo. “Wholesaling and Rehabbing homes? Huh??"

When I first heard the world “Wholesaling” homes, my first thought was, “Umm.. I guess that means that people buy homes in bulk, like you buy bulks of mayonnaise and ketchup like you.
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