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Thurman “Lee” Hysong – “Escobar”

For the past 21 years Lee Escobar has lived in Tennessee, establishing himself as a well known serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has successfully steered many ventures, where he served as President and CEO. Including co-owning two award winning restaurants and several real estate investment companies.

Lee Escobar has completed over 100 real estate transactions over the last 7 years as an investor. He has taught the basic principles of financial freedom to over 20,000 students.

He has invested over $150,000.00 in his investing education and has been building his real estate investing career since June of 2004 and achieved financial freedom in April of 2005 after buying and rehabbing a commercial building that produced enough cash flow to pay all of his monthly bills.  He credits his success to his investment in his trainings and having the right mentors.

He received his real estate training from Rich Dad Education (Robert Kiyosaki author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”).  Lee now facilitates seminars to teach others about wealth throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Alaska.

He was given a position as a personal mentor for the same company that ushered him into financial freedom and has helped create training courses for the academy that incorporates the newest and most cutting edge real estate investing techniques.

Lee attended and received a B.A. in Theology with honors from Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. After graduation he started working on his masters degree and was commissioned into the Army Reserves.  He’s currently a Captain in the Chaplains Corps.  He served active duty time with various units; medical as well as regular.

Lee Escobar’s proven record as a successful investor with experience in different businesses and educational background makes a winning combination for any business venture.  His successes allowed him to receive the prestigious award of Mentor of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Induction into the International Hall of Fame for his success as an investor, business owner and entrepreneur.

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Rich Dad Education Hall of Fame Induction – Lee Escobar